instaHop’s Safety/COVID Guidelines

The “s” in our brand resonates different words; socialize, smile, success. And while we are committed to them all, “safety” is without a doubt our top priority.

At instaHop, we care about your safety; that is why we have built a community of professionals who are educated in public safety and learn from experts on a daily basis.

General Guidelines:

  1. Be respectful of everyone’s beliefs and opinions. At instaHop, we celebrate diversity. The beauty of travel lays within the depth of knowing about other cultures.
  2. We care about everyone’s health and safety.
  3. We follow the law
  4. We take complaints seriously and we investigate.
  5. We love to learn and we are constantly self-educating about the new regulations and social standards.

For Guests:

  1. Make sure you meet the right Host.
  2. Have the host confirm your name.
  3. Share your experience with others. Nothing is more educational than learning from an actual person.
  4. Your personal details/health will remain safe with us.
  5. Share your concerns and experience with us. Our customer service works around the clock to make your hop enjoyable and safe.

COVID-19 Safety measures: